Good news!

Haggling at car dealers
is at an all-time low

In the old days, this site would tout how more and more dealers all across the country were going to clear-cut pricing. The no haggle movement started with the entire Saturn brand being launched as a clear-price operation, and the entire CarMax chain is no haggle. Thanks to those success, the one-price movement steadily gained steam across the country.

Then the sales slump hit.

Auto dealers are getting crushed nowadays, and thanks to the recession, they are cutting deals and offering incentives like never before in history. Thanks to the credit crunch and last year's spike in gas prices, we are faced with a once-in-a-generation buying opportunity. Now the haggling process has been reversed. Make an offer. A desperate dealer might just say yes!

Now we have to be clear and honest since we just mentioned some other companies in the first column. We are not affiliated with CarMax, and while we have a nationwide network of dealers, not all of them offer Saturns either. Hey, our parent company operates as well, and it's not affiliated with Capital One!

We are affiliated with our customers, and we strive to get them the best car and the best loan available. It's just that simple.

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